Stress Management & Mental Clarity

How do we reduce stress in your 1st visit?

Step 1.  We use the Rubenstein Method to “activate” your Diaphragm muscle. Everyone has heard those famous words “take a deep breath and relax” 

The problem is, are you using the main muscle that was designed to help you breath? The diaphragm muscle is a large as your head and contracts to pull in air into lungs. Rubenstein method has designed a way to trigger the brain to use that muscle to breath automatically. 

  We are people that sit in chairs since grade school and at computers. This muscle gets compressed with sitting and become weak or inactive. 

When there is an increase of oxygen to brain-body, then stress hormones decrease. It is a simple as that. 

*****OXYGEN the single most important nutrient for the Brain-Body. According to research, Brain damage starts to occur after only 4 minutes of no oxygen.  

Step 2. We perform a Jaw Calibration. There are many people who carry their stress in the jaw (TMJ). 

Releasing tension in your TMJ (jaw joint) directly affects the production of stress hormones. The TMJ has some rather amazing properties in relation to stress reduction. This joint has more pressure sensing nerves than any other joint in the body.  The brain reacts to jaw joint pressure first by increasing the production of the stress hormones and second, by sending tension signals to your muscles. This type of muscle tension (also known as muscle splinting) remains until the tension in the TMJ is reduced.

Self Evaluation Question:

Do you have any clicking, grinding, popping, or wake up with a sore jaw? 

You and your stress.....

Everyone responds differently to stressful situations, whether they are real or imagined. The one thing we all have in common is that the feeling of stress can only exist when there is a production of stress hormones in your brain and body. Stress can have a number of effects on your physical and mental well being, some of which are devastating. It affects the mind, body, emotions and behaviors and can have long-term health consequences if not treated.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr.Cote really helped me FINALLY feel normal again... He is very professional and really knows his stuff."
    Monna L
  • "Dr. Cote has played a big part in my personal awakening. She guided me to and through self-awareness, and helped me tap into the healing energy that is in all of us. I hope that as I continue to learn from her I can too help people like she has helped me. Dr. Cote simply lives and teaches us what we are really here to do.

    Thanks for that!"
    Rosa Ojeda, Long Beach, CA
  • "Words cannot describe my experience that I have had with my sessions with Dr. Cote. The stress relief that I have had is amazing, and being able now to tune it out, has become a great gift.

    The massages have help out relieving me of pain along with stress, and would highly recommend trying one. I would refer my friends (which I already have) to go and see her."
    Jason S. Huntington Beach, CA