Therapy for Mind, Body, & Soul Integration
Therapy for Mind, Body, & Soul Integration

Cote Wellness was created to bring healing, help, guidance, relief, hope, & much much more; delivered with love from their hearts to yours.


Dr. Christy Cote & Dr. Chris Cote are much more than a husband & wife team. They have come together to create a center for Mind, Body, & Soul Integration. Their purpose in life is to  transform lives and make a difference in this world; one person at a time.  Using their talents, gifts, experiences & abilities  given to them by God.


Cote Wellness would be honored to assist you if you are experiencing:

Physical Symptoms:

•Neck / Back Pain

•Numbness / Tingling

•Muscle Tension / Spasms




•Shoulder Injuries

•Frequent Injuries

•Sports Injuries

•Car Accidents


Mental Symptoms:                              

•mental fogginess

•poor judgment

•racing thoughts

•constant excessive worrying



Emotional Symptoms:


•stress or anxiety


•short temper


•feeling tense or “on edge”

•feeling overwhelmed or

 feelings of loneliness and isolation




Spiritual Symptoms:

•feeling lost / lonely

•no sense of direction

•not knowing your life's purpose

•questions on career path

•relationship problems

•no hope in finding your soul mate

•not feeling love for yourself

   or for others

•financial worries

List of Services

  • Brain & Body Connection Therapy (Rubenstein Method)
  • Spinal & Joint Movement (Chiropractic Care)
  • Spiritual Wellness Coach (Intuition/Spiritual Response Therapy)
  • Stress /Anxiety Therapy (Rubenstein Method)
  • Myofascial Release Therapy(Specialized massage with stretching to remove knots and increase flexibility)
  • Massage Therapy 

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"In my life I have come across very few doctors which put forth the caring, compassion and feeling to help and heal the way Dr. Cote does. She comes to the appointment with a smile that lights up the day and a calming steady disposition.   She is truly gifted and amazing healer.  I have had the pleasure of being her patient off and on for well over 2 years.  Whether it is recovering from a injury, stress induced or maintenance I always come away from the visit feeling refreshed and renewed.  My golf game has even improved with the most recent set of adjustments--an added bonus!  You will never feel rushed, always feel as though you understand why and what is happening with your body because she is dedicated to healing you."
--Deb Barr, Newport Coast, CA

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